Aluminium is currently becoming increasingly prominent in car design due to its lightweight and durable properties, allowing for improved handling, acceleration, and fuel economy to the vehicle.

Here at Banburys, we are confident that aluminium is the future of car construction and design, and we have invested in ensuring that we are fully equipped to provide aluminium repairs to the highest standards.

Many new prestige vehicles are now being built with an aluminium construction and Banburys are proud to be one of a select few bodyshops in the UK that can offer the skills and technology for structural aluminium repairs.

Our repair facility includes specialist tooling and a separate booth for repairing aluminium on vehicles so that there is absolutely no risk of cross contamination of materials – in line with the highest body repairer industry standards; the repair work for steel and aluminium must always be kept separate to avoid galvanic corrosion.

All our technicians are Land Rover / manufacturer approved, and can provide expert repairs for all makes and model of vehicle.

We are authorized repairers for Land Rover and provide top quality aluminium repairs to ensure that your vehicle will look as good as new by the time you drive it away.

We pride ourselves on providing only the highest standard of quality repairs and services and will be more than happy to discuss your aluminium needs for any vehicle.

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