Unfortunately accidents do happen. Regardless of who is at fault, one day your car may be in need of professional repair. Only an Authorised Prestige Body Repair Centre can provide you with the highest level of care for you and your vehicle – settle for nothing less than the highest standards.

We are an approved vehicle repair centre and all works undertaken align with the specific manufacturer repair methods for all makes of vehicle. We believe that at the least, every vehicle should be returned in pre-accident condition. In these ever changing times we are more motivated than ever to not only ensure our customers are given a first class service but to also increase awareness of your rights as the customer – the customer of us here at Banburys but also any insurance company or main vehicle dealer.

It is your choice where your car is repaired, not the choice of an insurance company so use the best repair centre possible that you feel confident in. You will pay the same amount of insurance excess wherever your vehicle is repaired so don’t allow yourself to be steered by the insurance company. Additionally, insurance companies often request three quotations but in reality only one is necessary by law.

Sub-standard repairs could cost you your life or the life of a passenger, if you are ever involved in another accident. Banburys place a lifetime guarantee on all repairs, and ensure that they are carried out to the correct manufacturer approved repair methods, with an end result that is undetectable and seamlessly integrated into the rest of your vehicle.

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